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Rehette Stoltz Deputy Mayor Gisborne District Council & member Tairawhiti District Health Board

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Press Release - 'stoltz for mayor'  2/3/2019

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Rehette with husband Deon and theirr children

I have enjoyed the privilege of serving the Tairawhiti community as Deputy Mayor and Health Board member since 2013.

I value the experience and in-depth knowledge of Council and the DHB’s inner workings that I have accrued over the past 8 years.

We have so many wonderful opportunities and challenges facing us here in Tairawhiti Gisborne and I look forward to working hard to make the good stuff even better and to face our shared challenges head-on.


A little bit about our journey that landed us in Gisborne...

In 2001, as a student in Cape Town, I ventured on an year-long OE with my then-boyfriend (now-husband) Deon. We spent 6 months in Scotland and in between work and studies, we enjoyed seeing different parts of Europe.

After that stint, we were looking for a bit more sunshine, and we started looking for jobs on this side of the world.

The first available position that came up on Google was a fixed term position in sunny Gisborne! We arrived in Gisborne for a 4 month adventure. Little did we know that our lives would be changed forever. We immediately fell in love with this little piece of paradise and we were impressed by how welcoming and friendly people were. Even though we had some tough times during our short stint here, we knew that we wanted to stay on for longer. We extended our work visas, and slowly but certainly Gisborne got into our blood and we knew that we wanted to stay here.

I look back on 18 wonderful years in Gisborne. We are the proud parents of Alex (14) and Luk (12), who were born in Gisborne Hospital. We are blessed and lucky that we can visit our family in South Africa regulary and that they come here to visit us. We love this place and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

This is our home.



Rehette and sons



Why am I standing for Council and the Tairawhiti Health Board?

   I understand what young families need and value and I want to advocate on our behalf to make Gisborne an even better place for our young ones.

   I know that Council needs business-minded people, like myself, to make sensible, forward-thinking financial decisions with input from our community. We need to make sure that our hard-earned money is wisely and conservatively spent.

   We also need more women around the Council table – we bring an unique set of qualities to the table.

   As a trustee of the Tairawhiti Positive Aging Trust (TPAT), I am acutely aware of the challenges that our older residents face. It is important for me to work towards a better quality of life for those valued members of our society.

   I am a great team player – I know that I would be a valuable voice in the team of councillors who will strive to make the best decisions to ensure that Gisborne is an even more fantastic place to live and to raise our children.

   “I want GDC to be pro-active in looking after our environment. We need to plan for climate change and also focus on looking after our fresh water resources for the future. GDC cannot be complacent in this area."


    My medical research background, combined with a passion to improve the health outcomes for our community has helped me to have a productive first term on the Health Board. I am also a trustee of Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti and have always had a keen interest in health related matters. I look forward to continue to work hard for our community.

Why Vote for me? 


"I love our place. I want be part of the team that works hard towards a future where through Economic Development, the Tairawhiti region would have local employment options for our children, where we would take a pro-active approach to plan for an older society, and where we would take pride in looking after our environment.
I know I can make a positive difference."


If you want to see a vibrant, passionate person with a can-do attitude be part of the decision-makers for our great town, make sure you make a big tick next to Rehette Stoltz!

Rehette Stoltz

Telephone: (06) 868 5382


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