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Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy Counselling Services

For help from the Gisborne Branch

'Crisis pregnancy and post-abortion counselling'.

Pregnancy Counselling Services Gisborne Branch

Pregnant ? Need to Talk - Call Us
Contact Telephone Numbers:

0800 773 462

(06) 348 0008


We can help you consider your options.
Do you want to talk through a past abortion?

PCS Pregnancy Counselling Services Inc.

Anytime, Day or Night ...there is a Counsellor to talk to at PCS....

PCS  operates a network of branches throughout New Zealand.

All PCS branches will accept Collect Calls.
All client services are FREE.
PCS is a registered charitable trust.

We Offer:

*  Friendly emotional and practical support.
*  Arrangements for FREE pregnancy testing.
*  Telephone counselling that maintains anonymity, if you wish.
*  Face to face, individual or family counselling.
*  Accommodation, education, legal aid, medical care and material requirements.
*  Time and space to evaluate all the options, including keeping the baby,
    considering abortion or adoption when an unintended pregnancy

For anyone disturbed and depressed after an abortion,
PCS provides post-abortion counselling which aims to:

*  Comfort and restore self-esteem.
*  Assist client to put aside the past and plan, in a positive way, for the future.
*  Encourage client to deal with guilt and free herself (or himself) from anger, pain and remorse.
*  Support client emotionally until she can stand alone.

Doctors speak:

PCS recognises that counselling needs for each woman are different, PCS starts with acceptance and support; a good basis to explore a woman's concerns and anxiety about pregnancy.
Whether continuing the pregnancy or not, many women have ongoing needs for support and counselling. PCS has a proven record as an independent counselling service and doctors can refer to PCS with ongoing confidence.
Dr John McMenamin: General Practitioner

Women are now beginning to descibe their grief and distress over past abortions, which had often been carried out under circumstances where they had little support or alternatives offered to them.
When a woman is considering an abortion it is essential that she has the opportunity for counselling to discuss all the options, independent of the pressure of opinions of others. This should lessen the possibility of a woman subsequently experiencing post-abortion distress, which is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.
Dr Bridget Taumoepeau: Consultant Psychiatrist

Doctors have a responsibility for the long-term well-being and care of their patients - not only for short-term care.
Over the years I have been impressed with PCS's commitment and understanding of the complexities they encounter with women and their families. They don't simplify, they establish and assess the real circumstances.
Dr Norman Maclean: Obstetrician & Gynaccologist.