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PhotoART Rendering Sample

Our latest PhotoART rendering samples by

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CLICK to enlarge Gisborne Sunrise January 2013

Sunrise Gisborne January 2013 - Waikanae Beach

Gisborne Sunrise January 2013


Gisborne Sunrise January 2013 - Waikanae Beach

Walking through the Waiherere Domain bush...


Gwaloop Walking through the Waiherere Domain bush...


Summer building project......

2012 Gwaloop Cycle Challenge Winner


Gwaloop Cycle Challenge 21 January 2012... Winner on his way to victory...


Gwaloop Cycle Challenge 21 January 2012... on the return journey from Wairoa... painter style rendering...

Jonny an Robyn


18 July 2011 - Jonny and Robyn

SheldrakevisualART PhotoART sample 1


6 July 2011 - Hippies on McCormick International Tractor B250

SheldrakevisualART PhotoART SAMPLE


27 June 2011 - McCormick International Tractor B250


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