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Kathy Sheldrake member of Hauora Tairawhiti, (formerly TDHB) Gisborne

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Hauora Tairawhiti

Hauora Tairawhiti Update



May, June, July 2016

I would like to focus on 2 very important items which are in the media at present.


1.      Housing:  Although this is not a direct responsibility of the Health Board or the hospital it something the Board is very concerned about. People who are deprived of living in healthy homes will have their health affected. Recently the Board assisted with organising all the organisations in the district involved in some form or other. There was an amazing turn out of groups which shows the concern they all have and want to be involved in trying to assist with rectifying the problem.  As well as many of the Board and senior staff Salvation Army, Maori Women’s Welfare League, CCS, Emerge Aotearoa, ACC, Turanga Health, Social Sector Trial, Anglican Diocese, Te Aka Ora, Housing NZ, Te Kupenga Trust, Barnados ,TRONPnui, STAND were amongst some of the attendees. Housing is a big problem in Gisborne and it will take these agencies and others to work towards a positive outcome for those affected. The steps folk need to go through to become eligible for emergency housing are convoluted and time consuming with the ultimate decisions being made in Wellington. A further meeting will be held later this month.


2.      Active Transport: The Health Board are working with the Council on supporting community Decision making for Active Transport Proposals.  Once again the Health Board is not directly involved with Council decisions in this area however if our residents have active transport opportunities it will assist their health both mentally and physically. One project currently being discussed is the Aberdeen Road option of extending the Riverbank Cycle/walkway or reviewing the option which was first mooted and noted in the 10 year plan in 2009 to extend the Walk/cycleway along the Taruheru Riverbank to Campion College. In my opinion this is best option. Not only does it connect the many schools along its riverbank it also has wonderful scenery and bird life which is not available at present. The Mayor will be raising this option again at the end of June to review the proposal and take a more in depth look at the Taruheru alternative. Safety is one of the key concerns. The river option would take away a lot of the safety concerns that Aberdeen Road has. So watch this space.


The Health of Older People is also very high on the Board’s agenda. With us all living longer than ever before there are more health related issues. We are working on a single model of services for older people which will make the process of getting through these much easier. We are very lucky to have such wonderful retirement villages in our midst. I often hear that the folk who made the decision to move and reside in these villages wish they had done it years ago.


Stay warm but active. Take in the gorgeous colours of the trees and poppies in the Botanical Gardens before the rain comes.

Yours in health

Kathy Sheldrake



February; March; April 2016

As I write this update the weather is fine, no wind, and the temperature is over 20+ degrees.

How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place in the world. Today is one of those days that remind me of this. Plus I am so glad I am not in hospital or suffering a long term health condition.

I have spent an awful lot of time in the hospital recently mostly in the ICU unit where my son was very ill and sadly he died after two and half weeks of intensive care treatment.

This time gave me an up close and personal view of life on the inside of the hospital and not from sitting around the Board table.

I can only marvel at the dedication the staff in ICU have. Their compassion for the patients their care and commitment was overwhelming. I cannot thank them enough. Although the outcome was not what we had hoped for I have nothing but praise for all the staff I came in contact with.

To also have the use of state of the art equipment in the public health system is something we should all be grateful for. I can’t help but think about the many countries around the world that have little or no health care available or if it is the cost is prohibitive. I have counted my many blessings over the last few weeks.

This week we had a presentation from all the groups who involved with Falls Prevention. The many groups include Sport Gisborne, ACC, Occupational Therapists, Physios, St John, 3 Rivers medical, ED dept. plus many areas of the hospital.

There are many ways to be referred to this group – via your GP, self-referral, ACC, Sport Gisborne. If you know of anyone who would benefit from finding out about the program call Toni Hoskin at Sport Gisborne. The results can be dramatic – we were shown a video of a lady who could not walk to the letter box ( about 20m away from her house) to now walking around the block.

There are many good things happening at the hospital and I am proud to be part of a dedicated team.

The weather is getting cooler in the evenings but don’t let this deter you from doing your evening walk. Put on another layer of clothing and enjoy the fresh air. Witness the beautiful changing colours of autumn and reflect on the beauty around you.

Yours in Health

Kathy Sheldrake

Board Member

December 2015 / January 2016

As the year draws to a close it is time to reflect on the many changes which have occurred in 2015.


The main one being the name change, which is already having an impact on the staff and the patients. We have received many accolades from patients and also the staff are being recognised for their care and commitment they give to the folk who have to visit the hospital for various reasons. Not by choice I’m sure.


There has been an upgrade at the main entrance to the hospital with blue outdoor carpet which should be a big improvement. The tiles were slippery when wet and could be quite dangerous. A new gardener has been contracted and is making inroads to areas which have been neglected for some time. The spraying and removal of agapanthus and new plantings will enhance the outdoor areas.


Craig Green is the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) taking over from Mike Costello who retired recently.


Craig is a former Gisborne person recently returned from working in Sweden. We welcome Craig – he has big shoes to fill however I am sure he is more than capable of achieving a positive outcome at the end of the financial year.


Changes have occurred for folk who need to attend Waikato Hospital with the closing of the accommodation at Hilda Ross House. New accommodation is being sourced via local motels and other venues. We will be doing our best not to disadvantage any patients/family visiting the district.


The East Coast Review for the best health facilities on the Coast continue to progress. We expect to have a final decision paper to the Board in February or March 2016.


As one of the major employees 752 people were employed as at the end of November.


A few stats to finish with:


• 5113 folk were seen at out- patients last month.

• 76% of beds were occupied during November

• 50 babies were born

• 100% of mothers in Maternity were given information of Smoking Cessation

• 95% of Emergency attendances were discharged in 6 hours which is the goal


I hope you all have a safe and healthy Christmas, that you all make a New Year’s resolution to stay that way.


Yours in health


Kathy Sheldrake

Health Board Member



October / November 2015

Hauora Tairawhiti Update for October – November 2015

As you will have all read we have decided to do a rebranding of the hospital/health board from Tairawhiti District Health to Hauora Tairawhiti.

Our plan with the new branding is to be more inclusive and work more closely with our consumers whether this is in their homes maraes or a setting where everyone feels comfortable.

Hauora Tairawhiti has made up new values which form the word WAKA:

W – Whakarangatira – enrich – the health of our community
A – Awhi – support – our turoro/patients their whanau/families community partners and each other
K – Kotahitanga – togetherness – together we can achieve more
A – Aroha – compassion – empathy – we care for people and people want to be cared for by us.

Check out website for more information:

The plan is to move away from hospital based care to care closer to home.

If we can assist people with health issues before they are admitted to hospital chances are they may not need to be admitted at all which is a win for the person and a win for the hospital. Health literacy is what we are striving for where every individual has more control over their own health.

I will keep you informed as time passes.

Last week I attended a Midland District Health Board 2 day development program in Hamilton.

The Midland District is made up of 5 health board – Hauora Tairawhiti; Lakes District; BOP; Taranaki and Waikato. We usually have one face to face meeting per year and have updates from various areas of concern and new initiatives happening in the district. They are always informative and thought provoking. The presenters were exceptional.

A few statistics you may be interested in:

•  NZ is now the 3rd fattest country in the world

•  Obesity leads to so many other health issues which can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and ability to carry out normal daily routines. Heart disease is a leading cause of death often caused by being overweight or a smoker.

•  One person dies in NZ every 90 minutes from heart disease. A sobering statistic.

•  The Midland Region Trauma System Director quoted – there are 5000 patients seen each year equating to 38,000 bed days at a cost to the country of $65m. Another sobering statistic.

Please don’t become one of those statistics. We want to the health and wellbeing of all our people and improve our health statistics.
Have a happy healthy month. Spring is here the beaches are being cleared the walkways are available free of charge so make the most of the sun and the opportunities our community proves.

Yours in Health

Kathy Sheldrake
Health Board member.




August / September 2015

Tairawhiti District Health

Catch up for August/September

An excellent presentation from Huhana Rox-Potae and Albie Stewart from Healthy Families was made to the Board at our July meeting.

This central government funded 4 year program to assist with the health of the East Coast folk from Gisborne to Te Kaha is no easy task.

They are tasked with improving the health of everyone in this area however there main focus is on Maori Health. We have the worst statistics in NZ in Maori Health so it is great to see something like this starting to happen.

The main theme of their kaupapa is to address chronic disease by:

·         Making healthy food choices

·         Not smoking

·         Exercising

·         Reducing alcohol intake

There 130 marae on the coast which the goal is make them all sugar free.

By getting all the Iwi focusing on the same health issues change must occur in some shape or form.

Knowledge is power so by giving folk the knowledge on these issues they can then make their own decisions based on facts they know.

As Dr Justin Ihringa Kete says:

“Take away the need for hospitals and systems will find their own way.”

The Maori Ancestral model prior to Captain Cook and colonisation is the model they will be following.

On other matters TDH continues to punch above its weight in achieving all the goals set by central government.

However in doing this we have over run our budget for 2014/15 which has created the need to have a major review of all services.

The warmer weather is continuing to increase and the day light hours are definitely getting longer.

I hope you have all managed to stay flu free over the winter and can now enjoy the wonderful spring flowers and perfume from magnolias and flowering bulbs.

The tuis are getting drunk on the nectar of the blossoms in our back yard. It is such a joy to see.

Have a happy healthy month and catch up in the spring.

Yours in health

Kathy Sheldrake

TDH Board Member