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Honey - Zidkeen Farm, Gisborne

Paddy & Sue Cowan: P.O. Box 111 Mangaone Valley Road, Nuhaka

Telephone today for prompt service (06) 837 8687


Extracted and packed on licenced premises at ambient temperatures!
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Zidkeen Honey is available from:

* Morere Hot Pools - Morere

* LIX Ice Cream Experience: 186 Gladstone Rd Gisborne

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* Clover      * Black's Beach Manuka     * Mangaone Valley Manuka Blend  
Also available...
* Kaiuku Blends    * Mangaone Walley Amber with Manuka     * Taurau Valley Blend  
Please Note: Availability of all Blends are subject to Seasonal change

Clover Honey $5.50 500gm

Clover - 500gm 

Manuka Honey $12.00 500gm

Black's Beach Manuka - 500gm

Manuka Blend Honey $8.00 500gm

Mangaone Valley Manuka Blend  - 500gm

About Zidkeen Farm

Zidkeen Farm is situated 30 minutes north of Wairoa. We are 1.3km up the Mangaone Valley Road at Nuhaka, approx. half way between the traffic island and Nuhaka and the Hot Pools at Morere.
Since 1989 all trees planted on the property have been selected from a list of designated super trees released by the Forest Research Institute.  One of the criteria for acceptance in this group is that they be BEE friendly.
We specifically chose Paulowina because they flower at a time when bee fodder is scarce. We use the farm as a wintering over site for our hives then spread them during honey season throughout the Nuhaka/Mahia area and are currently expanding our operation up the East Coast as far as Ruatoria.
We extract and pack all honey at ambient temperature in licensed premises, but unlike most commercially produced honey ours is not filtered under pressure, but strained by gravity feed thus retaining more of the pollens, propolis and the fine wax particles which add both to the flavour and the health benefits.
We also pack our honey according to both its floral origins and specific localities as each one seems to have minor but distinctive differences in a similar manner to wines from different regions and vineyards.