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Gisborne's Online Zoo - Kiwi

Welcome to the 'KIWI' page...

The KIWI - New Zealand's symbolic bird of choice...

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Beth with Kiwi Chick - taken 16 May 2009 Whinray Ecological Reserve, Motu, New Zealand. 

The KIWI, our nations most distinctive bird, is a true night hunter, roaming far and wide during the hours of darkness in search of food.
It's highly sensitive nostrils are situated at the tip of its long bill which it pishes into the ground in search of worms. Long bristles at the base of the bill are said to guide it when wandering through grass and scrub.
The KIWI has no tail, and wings so small that they can hardly be seen. It is reddish or brownish grey in colour. 

CLICK on the photo below to hear 35 second recording of a male brown kiwi calling his mate.