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Gisborne's Online Zoo - Bellbird

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CLICK photo to hear 1 minute 58 second recording of BELLBIRD leading the Dawn Chorus - singing from silver beech trees in National Park.


This beautiful BELLBIRD photos were all taken in Gisborne city...

All photos © SheldrakevisualART.com


Although smaller than the TUI, the Bellbird has a good deal in common with it. Both birds have a brush-like tip to their tongues to help in gathering nectar from the flowers. They both add to their food supplies with berries and insects.


200 odd years ago, on arriving in New Zealand - Captain Cook heard them singing and wrote in his journal: "I was awakened by the singing of the birds ashore, from whence we are distant not a quarter of a mile. Their numbers were certainly very great. They seemed to strain their throats with emulation, and made, perhaps, the most melodious wild music I have ever heard, almost imitating small bells, but with the most tunable sound imaginable."


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