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Gisborne Church of Christ, NZ

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10.00am Sundays - Weekly Service

You are welcome - Worship, Communion, Prayer, Word & Fellowship

Gisborne Church of Christ  - ( Associated Churches of Christ )
Cnr. Roebuck & Norman Roads, Gisborne NZ

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Postal:  P.O. Box 688 Gisborne, 4040 New Zealand.   

Telephone: +64 6 867 3712

Elder: Grant McIntyre ... Email:

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Gisborne Church of Christ Main Chapel Window with Cross


  (Left) Image of yesteryear (approx1950)... (Above) ...todays modern 'A' frame type Chapel

HISTORY (synopsis) -

The arrival in Gisborne in 1895 of Earnest Grundy was an event of extreme importance for the Gisborne Church of Christ. Mr Grundy who was born in Wigan, England lived for a time in Argentine, and later moved to Hawthorne in Victoria, Australia, where he met his future bride Miss Constance Davey. On his arrival in New Zealand Mr.Grundy purchased a two acre section in Mangapapa, Gisborne. His bride to be followed him to New Zealand and they were married by the Presbyterian minister in May 1895.

In Hawthorne, both Mr & Mrs Grundy had been members of the Churches of Christ and in their new environment they greatly missed the fellowship, so they decided to commence a small meeting.... On January 24th 1886 the first meeting of our church for the remembering of The Lord in the Communion Service and the reading of Scriptures was held in the home of Mr & Mrs Grundy at Mangapapa.

On 24th June 1896 the first infant of the young congregation was born. A daughter for Mr & Mrs Grundy and they named her Henrietta Martha.... Mrs Grundy's elder sister Henrietta  Davey arrived from Victoria, thus adding another member to the group and before long, she married Mr Veale.

Public meetings commenced in March 1896 and from this date until November 1905 the meetings were held in the Adventists Hall, Palmerston Road. A rental of 3/6d. per week was paid.

By 1899 membership of the church had grown to 11 persons but these were all added to the church from other places. In September 1899 a notable event took place, when for the first time, the membership was increased by Mrs D W Olding confessing her faith in Jesus Christ and following him in baptism. In 1905 a son was born in the Olding home. He was named William. Our register records that he was baptised in 1921 and is still an active member in the fellowship today. (EDITORS Note: ...since the time of writing this account William has been called home to be with his LORD and Saviour. A faithful son now at peace.)

And so, the church gradually grew. Up until the end of 1907 nine other Church of Christ members had found their way from various parts of Australia and New Zealand to the Gisborne Church. Having no full time preacher, progress ws slow, but God blessed the humble efforts of the faithful few. In 1908 Mr Frand Gardner arrived from England and joined up with the Gisborne group, being quiet an acceptable preacher, his coming to us was a real asset.

On April 8th 1908 with 10 members present, the first business meeting was held in the home of Bro. Veale.

At this meeting it was decided to affiliate with the Associated Churches of Christ in New Zealand.

The following year it was decided to purchase an iron building from Bro. Veale for Twelve Pounds and to lease from him the piece of ground on which it stood for 3/6d per week. This building faced Gladstone Road and was part of the corner section on which Bro. Veale's business and home was situated. The site is today occupied by United Video Gisborne, previously Glennie's Paint Store. Mr. Veale did not accept the payment but made a gift of the building to the church on condition that certain alterations were carried out. The total cost of the work, including to windows, was one hundred and thirty pounds.

The next forward move was the commencement of a Sunday School in the Chapel in 1909. By 1910 the Church's first baby had reached the age of 14 years. The years of godly influence bore its fruit and the teenager, who was later to become Mrs Fred Scott, was baptised in Christ. On 18th July 1913 the church was quietened by its first death. Oliver Veale who had done so much to get the Church established was called to be with his Lord. Several years later, Bro Edwin Bostock transferred his membership from Onehunga and on the 24th June 1915 delighted the Church by marrying Mrs Veale. A favourite cliche of Bro. Bostock was "What kind of a Church would our Church be, if every member was just like me."?

In 1916, the Home Mission Department brought from Australia Mr. Ira A. Paternoster and his family to work as organiser for the Department in undertaking mission work and commencing new causes. Bro. Paternoster had a great deal of difficulty in even getting to Gisborne. But get here he did and under his inspiration the Gisborne Church of Christ began to move forward in no uncertain way.

A former junior member of the Band of Hope was asked to take part in the welcome of the Paternoster family. He was so impressed by the preacher that he returned many times to here him preach.  The young man was Arthur William Hall, whose widow, Mrs Veda Hall is still currently worshipping with us. A Tent Mission was organised. Bro Paternoster preached every night for 6 weeks except Sundays. The first person to answer the Evangelists's appeal was Arthur Grundy who eventually enterd the full time ministry of the Associated Churches of Christ. During 1919, 21 people were added to the Church by Faith in Christ and Baptism.

As a result of the labours of the people at this time, our Chapel was opened on 21st September, 1919.

One event of singular importance which should be mentioned is the Hinrickson-Morris Mission of 1932.... when 135 People were baptised and recieved into fellowship during and immediately following this Mission.

In 1969, by which time, Gisborne Church of Christ was celebrating its 50th Jubilee, the local church was one of the most progressive Churches in the New Zealand Brotherhood. With a membership of 137 the Church was the sixth largest in the Dominion, with a growing Sunday School of 165 young people.

... to be continued...

Gisborne Church of Christ, Offical Board 1961

Gisborne Church of Christ Official Board 1961

Back Row left to right: J. Burns, W.Olding, J Berridge, B. Waugh, J. Halliwell, J. Powell, R. Tyler

Front Row left to right:  W. Heyworth, R. Waugh, E. Grundy, Miss B Overend (Treasurer), E.Williams (Minister), E Nunns, A. Hall

Gisborne Church of Christ Chapel 2014

Gisborne Church of Christ Chapel, corner Roebuck & Norman Roads Gisborne New Zealand - 2017