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Engine Rebuilders - Gisborne

277 Palmerston Road, Gisborne 4010

Phone Grant MacGregor on:  867 9416

Home website: Engine Rebuilders

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Grant MacGregor welcomes you to Engine Rebuilders

Grant MacGregor welcomes you to Engine Rebuilders... 

Reconditioning Machine Shop!

Engine Rebuilders Gisborne  has been local owned and operated for 22 years Specializing in the reconditioning and rebuilding of all automotive Engines as well as the repairing of motor vehicles (cars 4wd and light commercial )

We have a diagnostic engine scope as well as and engine code reader 
Engine rebuilders can help you with
  * Engine reconditioning work  as well as Performance work
  * Engine Digastrics work
  * Full Mechanical Repairs and Servicing
  * Emission Testing
  * Gas stay new and regasing
  * Marshall Batties
  All automotive Parts
  24 hr Road side rescue
CLICK to visit Marshall Batteries website
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CLICK ^^ to visit Marshall Batteries website
CLICK ^^ to visit the YES NZ Automotive Diagnostic Network
Complete workshop with all the specialist machinery required for your engine servicing...

Petrol & Diesel Specialists

*  We also stock:  EZYLift Gas Stays & supplies...    * Re-Gas your - Boot Lids / Car Bonnets

Car Servicing & Automotive Repair Centre