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Christianity on the Coast, NZ

Readers comments received...   following the launch of the E-Book on 30 November 2014

Absolutely brilliant, .....what a huge task beautifully completed. May it bring many young Maori back to their Christian roots as their elders have a revelation of what they have lost and return to God....may you be refreshed, encouraged by testimonies and the thanks of many....praise God for this.

Grace & Colin Shaw, City by City Network

That is great ....  I think/I sense this work you have done will be received with great joy.  We will feature it the following Sunday on our Screen in the morning Service and show folk how to access it.

Stewart Patrick, Leader: Mangapapa Church

Just letting you know the E-Book looks great!

Robyn S. Brisbane. Australia

Very well done!

Should be available in print form. I have read pgs. 1-10 and have skimmed through the rest and will read more later this evening. The photography is excellent and the Desktop settings wonderful. I am sure it was well received by all the community in Gisborne.

What a good way to celebrate 1814-2014!

Will get back with more comments later but wanted to give you my reactions to what must have been a ton of work for you and Beth to get all photos and then dpt them all in this booklet!

Well done again!!


Still reading. Up to page 54...

Enjoying It very much. Very nice presentation between words and pictures. Should be studied in the local schools as it is so rich in information. You must have travelled such a lot to complete.

You have certainly given justice to the subject. Makes me homesick for Aotearoa... and you cannot even mention NZ to Fiona she misses it so bad. Will keep in touch but get back to you in a while.

Well done again!


Finished the book!

Great inspiration, great labor of love, may it inspire all the folk of the region!


It really is a work of art. It should be in published book form!

I hope you are getting lots of hits on the Website for the E Book.

Can you keep track? Any reaction from Auckland and your friend with New Zealand 2014?

I bet no other one is as well done. I do hope you publish it or seek a publisher - for Napier and Hawkes Bay and all the East Coast....

Dr. Cormac and Fiona O'Duffy Composer USA

Thanks to you both.

I went to the launch last night and enjoyed the worship with my youngest daughter.

I also downloaded the book and will go through it soon. Blessings.

John S.

Please kindly let us know the cost of a hard copy of this wonderful book.

Some of our friends are not yet in cyberspace, so will need the printed version.

Thank you and God bless you

Julia and Peter