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About Us, in Gisborne city, NZ

Welcome to...
YOUR Gisborne Specials Website - where we have endeavoured to source for you - those very special and 'unique' - ONE-OF-A-KIND - business / organisations currently available in Gisborne City, NZ.

Serving Gisborne residents and visitors!

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The Gisborne Specials website includes a selection of Gisborne Community Services, who serve our district...

If you wish to advertise on this website simply email or telephone us to discuss your requirements...

Please Note that our 'One-of-a-Kind' presentation is important to the integrity of the website and we always look for that 'point-of-difference' so that we avoid conflict of interest amongst those who participate with us.

PLEASE NOTE: This Gisborne based website's sole aim is to help link Gisborne residents and visitors with unique and / or special business / organisations from the Gisborne District.

All advertising on this website is deemed family friendly viewing as we endeavour to maintain a safe website for all ages, with no explicit language, imagery or violence.

In regard to MOVIES advertised we offer the FILM Classification of such in accordance with the NZ Film Censors approval, and have placed LINKS to their respective Movie Trailers (Trailers in themselves give an indication for our readers to ascertain for themselves, what is safe family viewing). 

Gisborne Specials is Smoke Free, Gambling and Betting Free... and carries very limited Alcohol advertising.

This website is an Advertising Website ONLY - to give a 'web presence' to the various unique business / organisations that are participants hereon...

Gisborne Specials (the website) does not carry the product / goods offered hereon, but does encourage the reader / web-surfer to visit the business / company / store / shop to make your SPECIAL purchase/s direct.

However some of those listed on Gisborne Specials do have links to their own secure websites - offering you the shopper the ability to purchase direct.

Best regards and thanks for visiting this website...

Ray Sheldrake: Creative Director Gisborne Specials 

Ray Sheldrake
Gisborne Specials Creative Director
Telephone: +64 6 868 8053  or  Mobile: 027 253 9447


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