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2016 SOVEREIGN TriGisborne Oceania Championships, Gisborne, NZ

Gisborne Triathlon - SOVEREIGN TriGisborne Oceania Championships 2016

SOVEREIGN TriGisborne Oceania Championship 2016


Press Release:

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Gisborne city
Gisborne city SWIM
Gisborne city CYCLE
Gisborne city RUN

2014 NZ Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships in Gisborne

Incorporating: Aquathlon  /  Open Water Swim  /  Para Triathlon  /  Super Sprint Teams

I would like to welcome you to this 2014 NZ Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships webpage. It’s an exciting time for the Eastland Triathlon and Multisport Club as we complete our planning for an exciting three days of competition. Our aim is to provide all competitors with an exciting, professional and memorable event, together with opportunities to explore the Gisborne district.  

I would like to give you an idea of what you can expect and what we hope to achieve during the event.  The event is located close to the Olympic Pool on the Churchill and Beacon Reserves, starting on Wednesday 26th March with an official welcome and pasta party.  Day two sees the individual, para triathlon and team triathlon championships completed.  Friday is the Aquathlon and an exciting new event, the Super Sprint Triathlon for teams of two boys and two girls.  That evening there will be the Prizegiving and Post Event Party.  Saturday 29th is the Open Water Swimming Championships.  For all events, the swim will be in the ocean close to Waikanae beach.

We look forward to welcoming athletes from the Island Nations, who will be competing alongside us.  Our thanks to Oceania ITU for facilitating this.

I look forward to welcoming athletes, parents, coaches and supporters to the National Championships in March 2014.

John Scott: President Eastland Triathlon & Multisport Club  John Scott, President, Eastland Triathlon and Multisport Club.

'Accommodation for Schools Triathlon'

For low cost accommodation information and bookings please email:

The following Gisborne Motels are offering a 10% discount for any booking made direct with the motel

26th March 2014 (Wednesday)

Registration open for all events  /  Tour of Courses  / Formal Welcome + Pasta Party

27th March 2014 (Thursday)

Registration for: Triathlons / Individual + Teams  /  Para Triathlon (TBC)

28th March 2014 (Friday)

Registration for:  SuperSprint Team  / Aquathlon  /  Prizegiving & Post Event Party

29th March 2014 (Saturday)

Registration for: Open Water Swim  /  Prizegiving for Open Water Swim

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Stop Press Notice: 25th March 2014

Due to  the exceptionally high numbers of late entries we have had to close registration early in order to be ready for the event.  However we will be excepting late entries at registration but you will be required to pay by cash/cheque as we do not have eftpos available.


Wednesday 12 March

            Late Fee attached to Entry Fee


Tuesday 25 March

            Entries close at 3:00pm


Wednesday 26 March

            Registration open for all events                                                             2:00-5:00pm

            Tour of courses                                      From Transition                       4:30pm

            Pasta Party                                                                                            6:00pm


Thursday 27 March

            Registration for Triathlon                                                                        7:00-8:00am

            Individual & Para Triathlon:

            Under 12 & Under 13:                            Boys                                        8:00am

                                                                           Girls                                         8:02am


            Under 14:                                               Boys                                        9:00am

                                                                           Girls                                         9:02am


            Under 16:                                               Boys                                        10:00am

                                                                           Girls                                         10:02am


            Under 19 (Draft Legal):                          Boys                                        11:30am

            NEW TIME                                            Girls                                         11:45am


            Registration for Teams:                                                                         12:30-13:00pm

            Team Triathlon:

            Under 12 & Under 13:                            Boys                                        13:30pm

                                                                           Girls                                         13:32pm


            Under 14:                                               Boys                                        14:30pm

                                                                           Girls                                         14:32pm


            Under 16 & Under 19                             Boys                                        15:45pm

                                                                           Girls                                         15:47pm





Friday 28 March


            Registration for Aquathlon                                                                     08:00-08:30am


            Under 12 & Under 13:                            Boys                                        08:30am

                                                                           Girls                                         08:32am


            Under 14:                                               Boys                                        09:30am

                                                                           Girls                                         09:32am


            Under 16:                                               Boys                                        10:30pm

                                                                           Girls                                         10:32am


            Under 19:                                               Boys                                        11:30pm

                                                                           Girls                                         11:32am


            Registration for Super Sprint Team                                                       13:00-13:30pm

            Super Sprint Team Triathlon: (2 boys & 2 girls)

            Under 12 & Under 13:                                                                            13:30pm


            Under 14:                                                                                               15:00pm


            Under 16 & Under 19                                                                             16:45pm


            Prizegiving & Post Event Party:                                                        18:30-20:30pm


Saturday 29 March


            Registration for Open Water Swim                                                        09:30-10:00am

            Open Water Swim:

            Under 12 & Under 13:                            Boys                                        10:00am

                                                                           Girls                                         10:02am


            Under 14:                                               Boys                                        10:45am

                                                                           Girls                                         10:47am


            Under 16:                                               Boys                                        11:30am

                                                                           Girls                                         11:32am


            Under 19:                                               Boys                                        12:15pm

                                                                           Girls                                         12:17pm


            Prizegiving for Open Water Swim:                                                    13:30pm



Low Tide:      Thursday - 09:24                          High Tide:                                15:30

                     Friday      - 10:26                                                                           16:33

                     Saturday  - 11:27                                                                          17:36





Individual, Para and Team Triathlon:

                                                  SWIM                       CYCLE                              RUN

            Under 12 & Under 13:  150m                          8km                                   1.5km


            Under 14:                      350m                          10km                                 2.5km


            Under 16:                      500m                          15km                                 3km


            Under 19:                      750m                          20km                                 5km



SuperSprint Team Triathlon:

                                                  SWIM                       CYCLE                              RUN

            Under 12, 13 & U14:    100m                          4km                                   1km


            Under 16 & U19:          200m                          5km                                   1.5km


           Composite teams are allowed to enter the SuperSprint Team event.



                                                  SWIM                     RUN

            Under 12 & Under 13:  250m                          2km


            Under 14:                      500m                          2.5km


            Under 16:                      750m                          3km


            Under 19:                      1000m                        4km


Open Water Swim:


            Under 12 & Under 13:  500m


            Under 14:                      750m


            Under 16:                      1000m


            Under 19:                      1500m



            Individual & Para Triathlon                               $55.00

            Team Triathlon                                                 $66.00

            Supersprint                                                       $50.00

            Aquathlon                                                         $35.00

            Open Water Swim                                            $35.00

            Late Entry Fee from 12th March                     $20.00

            Pasta Party Tickets                                         $15.00 (Registered Athletes Free)



1.           Age categories are taken as at 1st January 2014.  

2.           Minimum age for entries is 10 years old.

3.           All races have a beach start.

4.           For the supersprint team relay races a maximum of two single sex schools may pair up to make a team.  However, under the NZSSSC Eligibility rules, shown below, Composite teams are allowed but are not eligible for placing.


Composite teams:      * Composite teams are allowed to enter the SuperSprint Team event.

Composite teams will be permitted only if:

(a) all other eligibility rules regarding age and attendance are met

(b) the principals of the schools that the students attend agree

(c) one principal accepts responsibility for the composite team

(d) the team will be called by a name that indicates that more than one school has contributed players

(e) the team will be permitted only through the preliminary round and will not be eligible for placing or competition trophies (but may be eligible for awards such as Fair Play and individual trophies.)

(f) Composite teams should not be able to enter tournaments when single school teams are on a waiting list.

(g) When a qualifying tournament exists a composite team cannot qualify above a single school team.

5.         Entries close at 3pm on Tuesday 25th March 2014



RACE NOTES Individual and Team Triathlon



If you are competing in a race including a cycle leg, you will receive three race numbers; one to wear on your front; one on your seat post and one to place on the front of your helmet. Do not alter these in any way. Please complete the section on the back of the race number; especially in regards to medical conditions.  Teams: only the cyclist will receive three numbers; the cyclist wears the smaller number sticker on their helmet and places the seat post sticker on the seat post, the runner has one number pinned to the front of their shirt (or uses a race belt).



Prior to the competition, athletes should only swim in areas patrolled by Lifeguards.



You must start the event with the correct coloured swim cap which is provided at registration.. The swim cap provided must be worn on the outside of any other swim cap worn.



U12, U13 and U19 students will be body marked to distinguish them from each other during their event. Body marking involves having a number (e.g. F7) written on your leg to distinguish your age-group and or gender. Body marking will be done at the following times (it is your choice when you opt to get this done):

1. During registration

2. As you enter transition on race morning.



You must wear the transponder at all times during the race. If you don’t race or fail to complete the course you must return the transponder to the Timing Tent at the finish line. Any transponders that are not returned will result in a $100 replacement fee charged to the school. Transponders are non-transferable.

Teams, you will have one timing transponder per team and this transponder must be passed to the next team member (as in a relay) in your designated changeover area in transition. The transponder is to be worn on your ankle. No transponder means no time recorded.



It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment is in safe working condition. Random checks will be made as you enter into transition. Please ensure you have your bike helmet on with the strap secure so this can be checked. 



As you approach the event you will be directed towards the car parking area. Please follow the signs and when leaving head out the same way in which you arrived. This is the only way to ensure you do not drive on the bike course. Please fill the car park before choosing to park on the streets.



Prize giving will be held at the event venue at 6:30 on Friday 28th March for all Triathlon and Aquathlon events.  Prize giving for the Open Water Swim Championships will be held at the venue 30mins after the last competitor has completed the course.

Presentations will be awarded to the first three placings in each age-group for individual and teams events. You must be present at the prize-giving to receive a spot prize.



Transition entry is restricted to competitors only.  Please advise your supporters/teachers that they will not be allowed in transition. NO bags/boxes etc are to be left in transition. Anything you do not need for the race should be left with your supporter/s. Technical Officials may remove from transition any boxes or bags that are deemed to be causing a hazard or obstruction to other competitors. An announcement will be made at the time when only participants can collect their gear. If you require warm clothing after you finish, please ensure this is outside of transition. Please do not request to enter transition before the announcement. Thank you for your understanding.



All participants are required to attend the race briefing (10 minutes before your race). Race briefing will be held at the swim start and all announcements will be made by loudspeaker. As an athlete, you are expected to know the course, the rules, the entries and exits to transition, and any changes that will be briefed to you. There are large course maps displayed at the race venue. You must stay on the course, and should you leave it, re-enter at the point where you left it. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification. The technical officials are all trained by Tri NZ. Communication with them is to be polite at all times. Use of inappropriate language is unsportsmanlike and is grounds for immediate disqualification.



However, a road is never completely closed and it is possible that vehicles/people may stray on to the course, therefore please obey all normal road rules. Ensure you keep as far to the left as possible during the cycle leg. This is a non-drafting event (except for the U19 individual event) . The course will be policed and a time penalty may be imposed. If at any stage you withdraw from the race please advise Race Officials of your race number and that you are withdrawing from the event. If you have withdrawn from the race please do not walk or ride over any of the timing mats after you have withdrawn.


This event is an individual event. No outside support is allowed, except for Tri NZ management, technical, mechanical, or medical support. There is a singular exception to the rule. In an act of sportsmanship a participant may assist another particularly for medical reasons.

You may not pass goggles/swim caps to supporters or discard gear on the course or on the way to transition. All gear must be left in Transition. When you have finished the event please don’t go back out on to the course. Once you have crossed the finish line you assume the mantle of spectator or supporter. Both for safety and to avoid bringing the event into disrepute, deliberate discarding of bottles, food wrappers, squeezes etc is prohibited or you will be disqualified.

St John Ambulance will be in attendance. Should a participant be advised to withdraw from the event by St John then they must do so.


Remember as a participant in this event you are responsible for your own safety and equipment. Please obey all traffic rules. Please undertake everything you do within the race to your own capabilities and swim, bike and run in a responsible and fair manner.




U12 & U13 150m, U14 350m, U16 500m, U19 750m: All races are a beach start around a rectangular course. See maps for further detail for each category.

Wet suits are allowed, but based on the predicted water temperature (18 degrees) are unlikely to be compulsory.  Tri NZ rules cover the use of wetsuits depending on the temperature of the water. These rules are in place for safety reasons. Unless the water is extremely cold the use of wetsuits in all events will be optional.  The final ruling on this will be confirmed at registration once we have been able to confirm the water temperature. In the unlikely event that the water temperature is such that wetsuits need to be worn, competitors without wetsuits will be given the option of a shortened swim or not swimming at all but will still be able to complete the other sections of the event.  As an open water ocean swim event, the use of wetsuits is recommended.

If in trouble in the water, raise your hand. A water based support person will get to you as quickly as they can. DO NOT CLIMB ABOARD, unless you want to withdraw from the race. Simply use the boat for floatation. Do not draft behind the kayaks or boards, there are Technical Officials out on the water, and they will be keeping an eye on all swimmers to ensure the rules are enforced. Ensure you round all the buoys appropriately, and be sportsmanlike in your swimming.


Teams will tag (and exchange the transponder) in the tagging area.



U12 & U13, 8km, 1 lap. Mount your bike beyond the mount line as directed by the technical officials. Head towards the Olympic Pool.  Continue straight along Centennial Marine Drive to the turnaround point and return to the dismount line.  See detailed map for further description.


U14 10km, 1 lap. Mount your bike beyond the mount line as directed by the technical officials. Head towards the Olympic Pool. Continue straight along Centennial Marine Drive to the turnaround point and return to the dismount line. See detailed map for further description.


U16 15km, 2 laps.  Mount your bike beyond the mount line as directed by the technical officials. Head towards the Olympic Pool. Continue straight along Centennial Marine Drive to the turnaround point and return to the lap turn point and repeat a second lap.  On the second lap, return to the dismount line. See detailed map for further description.


U19 20km, as for U16 but 4 laps. See detailed map for further description.


Special requirements for school events:

In school championships disc wheels, tri spokes, wheel covers or deep rimmed wheels over 45mm (when measured from rim edge) are not permitted.

All wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes.

Tri bars/ aero bars are permitted (except in the U19 individual race which is draft legal).  All tri bars must have a solid bridge.

In triathlon there are no cycle gear restrictions.

Although there are road closures for this event,  all normal road rules apply. You should assume ALL roads are open to ALL traffic. It is very important that participants keep vigilant throughout the entire event, cycle safely, and abide with all New Zealand Road rules.

Except for the U19 individual event, this is a non-drafting event. Avoid drafting at all times. Be aware of the cyclists around you and their activities at all times.


The drafting rule has changed - the distance is 10 metres from front edge of the front wheel of your bike to the front wheel or the rider in front of you, and is 3 metres wide. Only enter the other participant draft zone in front of you for 20 seconds whilst you overtake. If the manoeuvre fails, drop back outside the zone. Once a cyclist’s front wheel edge has overtaken another’s, it is the responsibility of the cyclist behind to ensure that they drop back from the draft zone within 20 seconds. The penalty for drafting is a 1 minute stand-down with a disqualification on the second offence.


You must push your bike both in and out of transition. You will be told by the technical officials when you can begin riding. When you return to transition you must dismount before crossing the dismount line. Your helmet must be fastened before you remove your bike from the rack AND remain fastened until you rack the bike at the end of your ride.


Bike Hazards: Please be aware of the following hazards in the cycle, possible Motor vehicles sharing the road, especially vehicles exiting/entering side streets and sharp drop offs at the edge of the road.  This course is tight in parts please ensure that you ride at a speed appropriate to your skill level.



U12, U13: 1.5km, 1 lap. Exit transition, run down the grass, across Roberts road and run anti-clockwise around the turnaround. Return up the grass, around transition and out onto Salisbury Road. Run a short distance down Salisbury Road to the turnaround point and run back up the road to the finish line.  See detailed map for further description.


U14 2.5km, 2 lap. Exit transition, run down the grass, across Roberts road and run anti-clockwise around the turnaround. Return up the grass, around the turnaround completing the first lap, back down the grass to the turnaround. Return up the grass, around transition and onto the road. Run a short distance down Salisbury Road to the turnaround point and run back up the road to the finish line See detailed map for further description.


U16 4km, 2 lap. Exit transition, run down the grass, across Roberts road and run anti-clockwise around the turnaround. Return up the grass, around transition and out onto Salisbury Road.  Run a short distance down Salisbury Road to the turnaround point and run back past transition completing the first lap, back down the grass to the turnaround. Return up the grass, around transition and onto Salisbury Road. Run a short distance down Salisbury Road to the turnaround point and run back up the road to the finish line.  See detailed map for further description.



U19 5km, 3 lap. Exit transition and make your way around the U12-U16 transition, out on to Salisbury Road around the roundabout in an anti-clockwise direction to run past the Olympic Pool along Centennial Marine Drive. Continue until the turnaround. Return to the turnaround adjacent to transition to complete the first lap.  Repeat until the last lap when you continue along the road, anti-clockwise around the roundabout towards the finish line. See detailed map for further description.

Please be aware of the following hazards in the run:

Possible traffic on the run route.

If it is a hot day make sure to use the water at the drink station located on the route.

Please keep left at all times to allow runners to pass on the right.



This Event is controlled by Tri NZ rules which can be found on the Triathlon NZ website ( It is deemed that you have read and understood the rules as per the terms and conditions of entry.

Key technical people for the event are: Race Referee:

Technical officials will be wearing Tri NZ Fluro jackets. Technical Officials and the Competition Manager are the only people that can penalise you. Obey the instructions of Technical Officials and Marshals AT ALL TIMES. Failure to obey their instructions may result in a penalty or Disqualification.


The Key Rules are:

You must behave in a sportsmanlike way and respect other participants and officials.

Your helmet must be on and fastened before you unrack your bike and remain on and fastened until your bike is back on the rack.

You must follow the prescribed course

You must obey the road rules, especially no crossing of the centre line.

This is a non-drafting race, the non-drafting ‘box’ is now 10m x 3m.

No bare torsos (this does not apply during the swim). Your torso is between your waist and your neckline. And must be predominantly covered (a small gap in a 2 piece suit is ok).

You must wear footwear on the run.

Ipods/Earphones or similar such devices are NOT permitted at any time on the course. No exceptions.


This is our 2014 New Zealand Secondary Schools Triathlon website: